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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary to The Sound of Madness!!

Via Zach Myers: 10 years ago today ... Sitting in a dressing room in Pharr Texas it was a super uncertain time for our band .... we had a fire ... and we knew we had a record that was special ... if any of us told you know that we knew then how special it would become. We would be bold face lying to you. We didn’t ... this night 10 years ago we played to about 200 people (maybe) .... after that and about 447 Shows of touring. We had done our first headlining arena tour .... but everything in between is what made it special ... shit I was a kid ... we were partying, we were having fun we took it seriously though. All the work. Always ...... we had A LOT of fun ... I remember when it all changed. The record felt different from the get go .... and then when “Second Chance” was released this shift started happening. The tides were turning ... a rock band with guitars and drums and guitar solos were climbing up a chart that rock bands with guitar solos shouldn’t have been on ..... we ended up with a # 1 top 40 song on billboard .... and the last song Casey Kasem signed off the air with for his final show. We played shitty clubs , slept in shitty hotels. But man ... it was fun. 10 years later a lot of that has changed. But dammit it’s still fun ...... I’m going to share a bunch of memories spread across a bunch of posts today if that’s ok .... Here’s to you Sound of Madness .... happy 10th birthday ....


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