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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

#Repost @rockdudespodden: Welcome to Rock Dudes #78, a new international episode and the guest this is the almighty Eric Bass from Shinedown. Jonas sat down with him in their tourbus just a couple of hours before they enter the stage at Annexet in Stockholm. This interview did off course cover his life as a professional musician, but we did also had a real deep talk about a lot of other things, such as family life vs touring life, how it is to live with depression. Eric did started in Shinedown at the age of 33, which was a bit before the big break-through for the band. He mentioned that his life went from 20mph to 1000. The way of entering things a little bit later than many other people in the business feels more natural regarding his personality, and we talked about that pretty much. Eric is not only a bass player, he is a fast learner and heave learned to play a lot of instrument, which is a perfectly match in his role and a music producer. Besides that he has produced many other bands, he was actually producing Shinedown latest album ATTENTION, ATTENTION. This is interview was totally un-filtered, and Eric was very open to talk deeply about all things I brought up to the table. This and more, much more you can listen to in Rock Dudes # 78, released on Tuesday, December 4th. Follow Rock Dudes via: iTunes: Spotify Playlist: Spotify Artist: Hemsidan: #ericbass #shinedown #rockdudes #podcast #backstage #stories #rockvärlden #musikbranschen #musikindustrin #music #rock #interviews @jleafs @despotz @rockbladet @rockdudespodden @ebassprod @shinedown

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